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  • Each 1 pound bar of ProSculpt® clay contains enough clay to make two 18" dolls. This Gift pack contains one of each color: Beige/Caucasian, Fairy Light, Baby, but you can customize it to any combination of these three colors.

    When kept at room temperature in its original package ProSculpt will last in excess of 25 years.

  • Free Whimsy Kit with purchase of 5 or more Smaller Body Armatures! Whimsy kit includes 2 2" (large) head armatures and 2 10" body stockings. Value $39. Wire body armatures are made of 17 gauge wire held together with a brass collar. This wire is more flexible than the sturdy wire we use in our larger body wire armatures. It is easier to cut and work with, but also more suitable for the smaller dolls. Available in 8", 10", 12", 14" and 16"

  • Here's a great way to save on SculptBoxes!  Choose any 4 from the six selelctions available.  Each comes with 1-2 dvds full of detailed sculpting instruction.  Some kits have color choices.  Please note your selections in the space provided. You may choose any 4 and repeat the same kit if you prefer.

  • Introducing the new SculptBoxes, a great way to keep up on your sculpting skills!  Each month we are creating a new SculptBox.  Each box contains the main materials you will need to create the project inside.  Contains Prosculpt clay, bits and pieces to make the Holiday Elf, Instructional DVD, online access to course and community where you can share your progress pics.  Watch the sneak peek video on YouTube here.  Find last month's SculptBox here for a limited time.

    You will receive the bits and pieces needed for this specific project, including:

    • ProSculpt Clay
    • Armature Wire
    • Eye Beads
    • Polyfil for buking the body
    • Material for Simple Clothing
    • Hair
    • Cotton Batting for creating a posable artdoll body

    You should have on hand:

    • Just the regular stuff you find in a craft room. If you sculpt at all, you most likely already have the extras you'll use.

    You will receive professional instruction on the DVD, and the videos will be uploaded to the SculptBoxes class on ruzuku as well.  You will receive instructions how to join the course by email.


    Our elf is just going through the assembling process, then we'll have more pics up for you!


  • I wanted to do something extra special for you this month to thank you for your support over the years. Usually we try to keep the amount of sculpting quite simple...but with this little doll, I wanted to show you every bit!
    Would you like to get SculptBoxes at a discount? Order a subscription of 6 or more and save here. This is a great gift for your artistic children and grandchildren!
    The kit will come with everything you need to make your doll:
    • ProSculpt Clay
    • Foil
    • Armature Wire
    • Sculpting Stick
    • White Clay
    • Glitter
    • Fabric
    • Feathers
    • Special Handmade Eyes by Lilith Jensen
    • Doll Hair
    • Wing Wire
    • Angelina Film
    • Glue
    You will also receive a DVD teaching you how to make this doll, as well as access to our online eCourse, where you can post your pictures and interact with other SculptBoxers. Get yours at the special low price through the end of January.
    The DVD will teach you to sculpt the face and body, including how to make adorable baby feet and hands. This month's Box will stretch your sculpting limits, but I show you some unique ways to stay focused on just one part at a time. You can do it!!


    Regular Price: $79.99

    Special Price $59.99


    Contains the Tutorials listed below. 

    Sculpting a Life Size Baby with Pat Moulton (1 DVD)

    Sculpting a MiniBaby with Kellie Beckett (1 DVD)

    Simple SteamPunk BJD (1 DVD)

    Whimsical Witches (1 DVD)

    Mermaid Contest Videos (1 DVD)

    Spring/Sugar Plum Fairy (2 DVDs)

    SteamPunk Hat for your BJD (1 DVD)

    Tiny Elfin Dolls (1 DVD)

  • This kit is perfect for making your first (or your 50th!) artdoll. These items are bundled together to give you over a 60% savings! (Basic Kit Value is over $110)

    This kit includes:

    • 1 16 oz bar ProSculpt
    • 2 head armatures (one large and one medium)
    • 16 in Body Stocking
    • 16 in Body Armature
    • 1 pair Glass ArtDolls Eyes (random color)
    • 3 Hair Samples (random colors)
    • 1 2 oz bottle Smoothing Gel 
    • 1 bag of Grommets and Buttons, to give your doll some style
    • 1 ArtDolls DVD, choose from selected titles
    • 1 Sculpting Tool


    You may also choose to add on these extras: Hand Armatures, Feet Armatures, Hand-Sculpted Sample Head (one of a kind). Sample heads are created by Apryl Jensen and come with head, face, ears, and neck all sculpted to completion. See similar heads in the photos.

  • Head armatures for a 20-24 inch adult, or an 11 inch baby doll. These armatures are made of nylon for strength and consistency.

  • Head armatures for an 18-20 inch adult doll or 10-11 inch baby doll.


Items 10 to 18 of 30 total

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