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  • Mr. Johnston was asked by Better Homes and Gardens to prepare 12 new Santa dolls to be featured in their 2003 Santa book.

  • This sample pack contains 19 colors of Angelina Film.  It's the perfect way to give each color a try!  Each piece measures 4" x 12".  With one of each color, this is 19 feet of film!  This fusible film is the secret to making gorgeous wings!  

    Can be made into the fins using Baby Mermaid instructions or Wings instructions.

    Angelina Film Colors included in this set (1 of each color)


    • Butterfly Blue
    • Calypso Blue
    • Citronella
    • Cotton Candy
    • Crystal Amethyst
    • Crystal Aurora Borealis
    • Crystal Green Lightning
    • Crystal Mother of Pearl
    • Desert Sunset
    • Enchanted Forest
    • Keylime
    • Lemon Gold Sparkle
    • Mint Sparkle
    • Opal Fire
    • Peacock Green
    • Purple Flash
    • Raspberry Power
    • Sugar Plum
    • Watermelon Flash

  • Introducing the new SculptBoxes, a great way to keep up on your sculpting skills!  Each month we are creating a new SculptBox.  Each box contains the main materials you will need to create the project inside.  Contains Prosculpt clay, bits and pieces to make the Pumpkin Man, Instructional DVD, online access to course and community where you can share your progress pics.  Watch the sneak peek video on YouTube here.  Find last month's SculptBox here at or here at   for a limited time.

    You will receive the bits and pieces needed for this specific project, including:

    • ProSculpt Clay
    • Floral Wire
    • Foil
    • Paper Tape
    • Eye Beads
    • Paint Pots in the colors you need
    • Twigs
    • Leaves

    You should have on hand:

    • Sculpting Tools
    • Liquid Clay

    Just the regular stuff you find in a craft room. If you sculpt at all, you most likely already have the extras you'll use.

    There are about 2 hours of video on the DVD, and the videos will be uploaded to the SculptBoxes class on ruzuku as well.  You will receive instructions how to join the course by email.

  • This is our new beginning kit that includes; New Mini Baby DVD, ProSculpt Clay, soft body,

  • This kit is perfect for making your first (or your 50th!) artdoll. These items are bundled together to give you over a 60% savings! (Basic Kit Value is over $110)

    This kit includes:

    • 1 16 oz bar ProSculpt
    • 2 head armatures (one large and one medium)
    • 16 in Body Stocking
    • 16 in Body Armature
    • 1 pair Glass ArtDolls Eyes (random color)
    • 3 Hair Samples (random colors)
    • 1 2 oz bottle Smoothing Gel 
    • 1 bag of Grommets and Buttons, to give your doll some style
    • 1 ArtDolls DVD, choose from selected titles
    • 1 Sculpting Tool


    You may also choose to add on these extras: Hand Armatures, Feet Armatures, Hand-Sculpted Sample Head (one of a kind). Sample heads are created by Apryl Jensen and come with head, face, ears, and neck all sculpted to completion. See similar heads in the photos.

  • The brass Trumpet is the most realistic instrument I've seen.


Items 1 to 9 of 109 total

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