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  • This kit is perfect for making your first (or your 50th!) artdoll. These items are bundled together to give you over a 60% savings! (Basic Kit Value is over $110)

    This kit includes:

    • 1 16 oz bar ProSculpt
    • 2 head armatures (one large and one medium)
    • 16 in Body Stocking
    • 16 in Body Armature
    • 1 pair Glass ArtDolls Eyes (random color)
    • 3 Hair Samples (random colors)
    • 1 2 oz bottle Smoothing Gel 
    • 1 bag of Grommets and Buttons, to give your doll some style
    • 1 ArtDolls DVD, choose from selected titles
    • 1 Sculpting Tool


    You may also choose to add on these extras: Hand Armatures, Feet Armatures, Hand-Sculpted Sample Head (one of a kind). Sample heads are created by Apryl Jensen and come with head, face, ears, and neck all sculpted to completion. See similar heads in the photos.

  • Learn to Sculpt an A Beautiful Head with these high-quality HD videos!  This download version is delivered by email.

    I'll show you how to make a special head armature and walk you through making two kinds of with glass-like eyes, and one with eyes you can paint.

  • Regular Price for these would be about $145. You get them here for just $69! You will receive these 5 tutorials listed below: These are most often purchased by those wanting to improve the faces they sculpt. We are also including a Fairy video that will teach you to make a complete fairy, a Santa face, and a baby face. Sculpting a Young Fairy Video Collection (2 DVDs) Fairy Faces: Sculpt a Fairy Face Video Collection (1 DVD) Simply Beautiful Eyes and Face (1 DVD) Sculpting a Santa Head (1 DVD) Snuggle Babes Video Collection (1 DVD)
  • This set of reference pieces will give you a copy of the exact doll I used in Simple SteamPunk BJD, and the molds I made in Casting a BJD in Resin.  They are great for a sculpting reference and you can finish the pieces and put them together for your own reference BJD doll.  These pieces are in the rough state, fresh from the molds.  So you will need to trim and sand and finish them as you like.  It's very helpful to have sandpaper and a dremel tool if possible.  You will also need a drill.  Includes elastic cording for stringing your BJD as well as the findings for the hands and feet, and 4 high-powered magnets for the head cap. The finished doll will be similar to the picture below.


  • You save 60%! This kit is designed for the beginning to professional student.
  • This special is for Beige/Caucasian only, our most popular color! .

    Each 1 pound bar of ProSculpt® clay contains enough clay to make two 18" dolls.

    When kept at room temperature in its original package ProSculpt will last in excess of 25 years.

    Bonus Books are: Human Figure in Clay by Mark Deniss (reg.$44.95), and Jack's new book, 

    Professional Doll Making… 25 Key steps to building a successful business by Jack Johnston (reg $24.95)

  • This kit includes all of our favorites, so whether you are a beginner or not, this kit is for you! 


    This kit includes:

    Book #1 The Human Figure in Clay by Mark Dennis ($44.95)

    Book #2 Professional Doll Making/Create a Doll Business by Jack Johnston ($24.95)

    1 Customized 3-in-1 Tool, designed by Jack Johnston ($17.95)

    1 16 oz bar ProSculpt Clay ($17.95)

    1 Hemostat ($3.95)

    1 Favorite Wooden Tool ($16.95)

    1 Rubber-Tipped Tool ($12.95)

    1 2 oz bottle Smoothing Gel ($3.95)

    1 Wet/Dry Sandpaper Kit ($5.95)

    1 Square Prop-it-up (for baking your pieces on) ($18.95)


7 Item(s)

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