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  1. ProSculpt 3-PAK (Only $16.49 each)

    You can now order multiple colors in our bulk packs. Just write in your colors and amounts in the space below. You may choose from Baby, Ethnic, Light, or Beige (Caucasian). Each 1 pound bar of ProSculpt® clay contains enough clay to make two 18" dolls.

    When kept at room temperature in its original package ProSculpt will last in excess of 25 years.

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  2. Fairy & ArtDolls Grab Bag

    Grab bag of various items totaling over $44 in value from both and Your grab back will contain items that total at least $88 in value, often much more! For our Birthday Celebration we thought it would be fun to collect together some new and nifty items for you to play with. They will be things like hair, angelina film, armatures, sparkly knick knacks...just fun random stuff from both stores combined. Items will vary from bag to bag. No two are alike, so feel free to grab more than one! Learn More
  3. ProSculpt Mermaid Kit (no DVD)

    This kit includes:

    • 16 oz ProSculpt Clay
    • 2 oz Translucent ProSculpt for tail application
    • Triple Thick Gloss Varnish for a watery tail
    • Liquid Clay for tail and fin application
    • Mermaid Hair, your choice of color
    • Handmade Luminous Eyes, your choice of color
    • Angelina Film for making the Tail Fin
    • Armature wire, foil, and papertape for making the armature in the size you desire
    • Two Mermaid Patterns, an adult mermaid and a child mermaid--you choose.  Child mermaid is easier for beginning sculptors.
    • Online access to Mermaid Videos.  Includes how to sculpt a face, hands, torso, and tail.


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  4. Apryl Jensen Sculpting a Young Fairy (2 DVDs)

    Apryl Jensen shows how to sculpt a young fairy. The Young Fairy face shape is taught through step by step photos. I've also included video instruction on Making a Face with Inset Eyes, and how to make a face with drawn-in eyes as well. So you will learn how to make 3 Different FACES! =) Filled with nearly FOUR HOURS of in depth video instruction. Learn More
  5. Apryl Jensen Sugar Plum Fairy (2 DVDs)

    Apryl Jensen shows how to sculpt a small 6 inch child fairy. Learn More
  6. Sculpting the Male Fairy PDF Booklets (CD-ROM)

    Learn to Sculpt a Male Fairy with 275 pages of photo-rich instruction. PDF Booklets on CD to View in Your Computer. Learn More

6 Item(s)

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