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  • This kit is perfect for making your first (or your 50th!) artdoll. These items are bundled together to give you over a 60% savings! (Basic Kit Value is over $110)

    This kit includes:

    • 1 16 oz bar ProSculpt
    • 2 head armatures (one large and one medium)
    • 16 in Body Stocking
    • 16 in Body Armature
    • 1 pair Glass ArtDolls Eyes (random color)
    • 3 Hair Samples (random colors)
    • 1 2 oz bottle Smoothing Gel 
    • 1 bag of Grommets and Buttons, to give your doll some style
    • 1 ArtDolls DVD, choose from selected titles
    • 1 Sculpting Tool


    You may also choose to add on these extras: Hand Armatures, Feet Armatures, Hand-Sculpted Sample Head (one of a kind). Sample heads are created by Apryl Jensen and come with head, face, ears, and neck all sculpted to completion. See similar heads in the photos.

    Regular Price: $110.00

    Special Price $89.99

  • This kit includes all of our favorites, so whether you are a beginner or not, this kit is for you! 


    This kit includes:

    Book #1 The Human Figure in Clay by Mark Dennis ($44.95)

    Book #2 Professional Doll Making/Create a Doll Business by Jack Johnston ($24.95)

    1 Customized 3-in-1 Tool, designed by Jack Johnston ($17.95)

    1 16 oz bar ProSculpt Clay ($17.95)

    1 Hemostat ($3.95)

    1 Favorite Wooden Tool ($16.95)

    1 Rubber-Tipped Tool ($12.95)

    1 2 oz bottle Smoothing Gel ($3.95)

    1 Wet/Dry Sandpaper Kit ($5.95)

    1 Square Prop-it-up (for baking your pieces on) ($18.95)

    Regular Price: $142.83

    Special Price $77.44

  • The new Santa kit includes everything needed to make a Santa artdoll:

    -Making Santa DVD

    -Santa Costume DVD

    -ProSculpt Clay

    -Head, hand, feet, and body armatures

    -Body stocking

    -Tibetan Lamb Santa Hair

    -Glass eyes or Luminous Eyes, depending on stock

    Regular Price: $89.99

    Special Price $77.44

5 Item(s)

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