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  1. Tibetan Lamb Doll Hair

    This hair is the softest and best for fairies and miniatures. Has an amazing curl. It is perfect for fairies and tiny dolls, but works great at any size.

    Learn More
  2. Making Fairy Wings DVD *5th Day of Christmas* FREE!

    This video set will teach you to make amazing fairy wings! Learn More
  3. Tails & Torsos DVD *Free Day 4*

    Special Today! Free with any purchase! Learn to sculpt the torso and an amazing mermaid tail! Learn More
  4. Sculpting Fairy Faces 2 (DVD)

    Learn to sculpt and paint this beautiful face. Learn More
  5. Sculpting the Male Fairy DVDs

    This set includes full body instruction, a very detailed torso and muscular back, sexy legs, and incredible arms. Will also include wings and base instruction. Learn More
  6. Sculpting the Male Head DVD

    Learn to Sculpt an A Gorgeous Male Head with these high-quality HD videos! Learn More
  7. Sculpting a Sexy Merman (2 DVDs)

    Learn to sculpt this amazing merman! Learn More

    Regular Price: $39.99

    Special Price $19.99

  8. Sculpting the Male Fairy PDF Booklets (CD-ROM)

    Learn to Sculpt a Male Fairy with 275 pages of photo-rich instruction. PDF Booklets on CD to View in Your Computer. Learn More
  9. Ball-Jointed Doll Bits & Pieces Kit

    Here are all the main bits and pieces you will need as you put together your Ball-Jointed Doll Learn More
  10. Ultra Light Clay

    A light-weight clay good for making the "bones" for the Ball-Jointed Doll. Learn More

Items 1 to 10 of 29 total

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