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  1. Armatures - Baby Doll

    Baby Doll Armatures (new and improved) These posable arms and legs fit a "Premie" scale baby doll. Just sculpt ProSculpt clay over the armature and cure them in the oven.

    Learn More
  2. Baby Bodies - Large Size

    The large size body fits a life scale baby. Learn More
  3. Half Scale Baby Doll Wig

    The half scale baby doll wig is made exactly like the full scale wig only sized to fit the smaller doll. Learn More
  4. Getting Started: Sculpt a Baby Kit

    Are you new to sculpting and want to get started? This mini-kit is just what you need. Includes: 4 oz. ProSculpt Clay 1 Favorite Wood Tool 1 Pen-like Rubber-Tipped Tool Set of 4 Ball Stylus Tools with many ball sizes 18 inches 16 gauge armature wire Toothpicks for head armatures (See SnuggleBabes) AND adornments for your babies: 2 blue fuzzy bodies 2 pink fuzzy bodies 1 oz pellets (for giving your baby weight) 2 light pink Snuggle Babe hats 2 dark pink Snuggle Babe hats 2 pink blankets (4 inch square) 2 blue & white blankets (4 inch square) Use this kit with: SnuggleBabes DVD and Sculpting a Posable Baby DVD (DVD's sold separately) Learn More

4 Item(s)

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