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  1. Sculpt a Fairy Face (with Glass-Like Eyes Tutorial) Download

    Learn to Sculpt an A Beautiful Head with these high-quality HD videos!  This download version is delivered by email.

    I'll show you how to make a special head armature and walk you through making two kinds of with glass-like eyes, and one with eyes you can paint.

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  2. Tiny Elfin Dolls Supplemental Kit (includes online videos)


    Ready to make more cute dolls? You can get the basic adornments in this kit.

    This supplemental kit includes:

    • Tibetan Lamb Mohair, your choice of color
    • Jewelry Findings for attaching limbs
    • Bits of lace, ribbon, and fabric for her dress.
    • Tiny Elfin Doll Pattern Guide
    • Online access to the Tiny Elfin Dolls Videos.

    P.S. No eyes are included in this kit.  There are eye painting instructions on the videos. 

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  3. Making Fairy Wings DVD

    This video set will teach you to make amazing fairy wings! Learn More
  4. Sculpting a Santa Head DVD (Apryl Jensen)

    These Santas make the perfect, elegant gift, and it's One of a Kind, created by YOU!
    In this video you will learn:

    • How to Make the Perfect Head Armature
    • How to use Inset Eyes
    • How to Sculpt a Santa Face
    • How to Sculpt Old Man Ears
    • How to Blush and Paint Santa's Face for Realism
    • How to create a Beautiful Beard and Moustache and much more!

    Over an hour and a half of quality, sculpting instruction from a professional.
    These are so easy to make and give as Christmas gifts!  And you will have such fun in the process!
    (Not to mention increase your sculpting skills!)  I take a department store Santa and sculpt him a new head.  He goes from "blah" to "WOW!"  Instructions for making your own body armature are included as well.

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  5. Apryl Jensen Posable Mini Baby DVD - 4 inches

    Scroll Down to Watch Preview Video!  

    Sculpting Level: Beginner This is a two-hour video collection.

    You will learn how to sculpt this adorable, open-eyed baby face using inset eyes. You'll learn to sculpt pouty baby lips, chubby cheeks, and tiny baby ears. I'll take you through the process of sculpting sweet little hands and arms, and darling toes, feet, and sweet pudgy baby legs.

    A posable baby can be much easier to learn to sculpt, as you only work on ONE BODY PART at a time. It's a great way to practice your sculpting skills and focus on one area at a time. I'll teach you the perfect body for your little one, and how to give her a darling hair-do.

    We'll put her all together and she'll be ready to snuggle! This little angel is just 4 inches long and will fit in the palm of your hand! Come and sculpt with me!

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  6. Critique your sculpture...

    Award winning Master Artist Jack Johnston will personally grade your sculpture on a 100 point scale.

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  7. The Human Figure in Clay by Mark Dennis

    ProSculpt Publishing is proud to announce Mark's new book on sculpting the human figure in polymer clay.

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    Special Price $24.99

  8. Sculpting Santa DVD

    The Sculpting Santa video is a holiday favorite.

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  9. Sculpting Babies with Pat Moulton

    Renowned artist Pat Moulton sculpts the head, hands, and feet of a baby doll and puts together the body and dresses the doll.

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  10. Making Santa's Costume

    The Making Santa's Costume will is a holiday favorite.

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