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BeginningClassBeginning and Advanced Seminar
The Beginning & Advanced Seminar appeals to a wide audience, covering both beginning as well as many advanced topics. It includes making heads, hands, feet, shoes, and soft sculpted bodies. Students learn to work in ProSculpt clay. Everything is provided during this three day class, to include ProSculpt clay, hair, eyes, armature, and body stocking. Students leave with a completed doll, minus it’s costume. Shop Now!

Sep-seminarWorkshop to be held somewhere in the nation.
The beginning and advanced workshop is designed for all skills levels. Jack will instruct you at the level you are capable and comfortable in. The cost of the three day workshop in areas other than in Jack’s studio is $495.00. If you have any questions, please call Jack toll free at 800-290-9998.Shop Now!

ProfessionalClassFamily and Friends
This training session is for Family and Friends. It enables group specific learning environment. This course is generally held in the 1st week of December each year. The class is discounted for repeat students, friends, and family. The class fills very fast, so if you want to take part in the next Family and Friends workshop contact Jack TODAY! Call 1 801 510-3006. Shop Now!

MasterCourseThe Master’s Class Seminar
The five day Masters Class is offered to serious students who wish to prepare themselves for a career in doll making. To register for the Masters class the student must have completed a beginning and advanced sculpture course. This class lasts an entire week. It is taught in Mr. Johnston’s studio in Riverton, Utah. We have two instructors for this course, Karen Baker assists Mr. Johnston throughout the course. Mrs. Baker specializes in fine detail, gesture and costumes. Master students complete a doll during the course, to include the body, head, arms, hands, legs, feet, hair, paint and costume. As part of the class we also cover marketing and photography. Please call 801-510-3006 and speak to Jack personally about this class. Graduates receive a Masters Certificate from Johnston Original Artdolls Academy. Shop Now!

OneUpPrivate Seminar
If you wish to speed along your progress toward becoming a professional doll maker you may wish to take a private class. The three day private courses are held upon request and time availability throughout the year. During the private class you will learn how to make the head, hands, shoes, body, hair, makeup/paint, professional stand and photography. You will leave the class with a finished doll including the hidden stand and a photo of your accomplisment in the class. The private classes are not for everyone, they are only for those who are serious about becoming a professional doll maker. The curriculum for the private course is the same as the courses given to the Masters and Professional students, only it is one-on-one. The cost of the three day private course is $1,500. Call Mr. Johnston to arrange a private course at 801-510-3006. Shop Now!

BallJointed DollBall Jointed Doll

This five day course on June 24-28, 2016 will include making a completed ProSculpt BJD. You will have two instructors in a class limited to only six students. You must have completed one of Mr. Johnston's beginning or advanced courses to qualify to attend.You may call Jack personally to see if you qualify for this course at 801-510-3006.  Shop Now!

We have relocated our corporate headquarters and our residence to Riverton, Utah. Check our event list below for a seminar that fits your schedule. We have semi retired to work in my studio in Utah, rather than traveling around the nation. Being semi-retired means I teach only four students in each class, or an occasional private course. I no longer teach large classes, that is better for the student and much easier for me. I spend most of my time teaching, sculpting and managing our artdolls business. I will travel from time to time, but not nearly as much as I have for the past two decades. I can teach for much less money at home, so I will pass those savings on to my students. I have reduced the cost of the Beginning and Advanced course from $495 to $395. The five day seminar will include learning how to sculpt a one-of-a-kind doll and the supplies for the workshop. We also have a costume maker to assist us in completing the costumes during the class if you desire.

We are so close to all of the hotels that I can provide transportation from your lodging to my studio each morning and at the end of the class each evening. The classes are held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9:00 to 5:00. We normally finish the classes by 1:00 on Sunday so the students can fly home on Sunday.