ProSculpt/FaceBook one-of-a-kind Sculpting Contest

Announcing the new ProSculpt/FaceBook OOAK Doll-Making Contest...

We have so many of our artists using FaceBook that we have decided to have a ProSculpt/FaceBook OOAK doll-making contest. The only requirement is that the dolls are one-of-a-kind and that they are made of ProSculpt. The contest will start on June 1st, 2012 and run until December 30th, 2012. This will give everyone plenty of time to show their dolls on FaceBook and enter the contest. If you don't use FaceBook don't worry, just send us a 300dpi image of your creation and we will take care of putting it in the Gallery and on FaceBook. Please, limit your photo to three dolls only.

There is no charge to enter this contest. We want everyone who wants to enter have a chance. We will have three categories, beginning, advanced, and professional.

Beginning - This means you are a beginner. If you have only been making dolls for a few months you are a beginner.

Advanced - If you have been sculpting dolls for a year or more you are advanced. Generally, if you have made more than 20 dolls you are likely in that category.

Professional - If you make your living sculpting dolls then you are in the professional category.

We will let you decide which category you fall into. We know most of the professional doll makers in the world, and with the power of the Internet it is easy to see who is a pro or not.

Win a year's supply of ProSculpt

All we need is a 300dpi image of your work. Just send it to or put it on FaceBook. The First place winners in each category will receive a one year supply of ProSculpt...twelve bars. The second place winner in each category will receive six bars of ProSculpt and the third place winner will receive three bars of ProSculpt. All of the winning dolls will be kept in the Professional Gallery at

This doll is an example of a one-of-a-kind doll sculpted by one of our friends on FaceBook...

This doll was posted on FaceBook on October the 24th along with four others made by Elisa Gallea. For the past year I've seen nearly every doll that has been posted on FaceBook by my friends and fellow artists. Some of the dolls are obviously from beginning artists, but others (like Melancholy by Elisa Gallea) are highly professional. It seemed like a great opportunity to have a contest that could be seen by artists from around the world, so we decided to be the first to host a serious OOAK ProSculpt contest.

No charge to enter

There is no charge to enter, and at the least you will have your entree shown in the Gallery at If you are one of the First place winners you will receive great "free press" and a one year supply of ProSculpt (a years supply is 12 bars). This is a winning opportunity for anyone who enters. For more information you may write jack@artdolls or call us toll free at 800-290-9998.

Send us an image of your sculpture

Just send us a 300 dpi image of your ProSculpt sculpture along with your personal information and we will do the rest. Send the image to If you are a FaceBook user you may put your dolls image on FaceBook too. If you aren't a FaceBook user, we will put it on for you. This is your chance to see your work in lights without spending any money.

Disclaimer - This contest is hosted by Johnston Original Artdolls and the ProSculpt Company. It is not done in conjunction nor affiliated in anyway with FaceBook.

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