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ProSculpt Santa Contest 2016

Thank you so much for your participation in our Santa Contest.  After much deliberation, we have selected our top three winners.  All of the entries were wonderful, and it was tough to decide.  All submissions and their photo galleries can be seen here.

Our winners are...


First Place: Linda Williamson

See the full photo gallery for Linda here.

As the first place winner, Linda will receive 6 bars of ProSculpt and a complete doll kit (head, hand, feet, & body armatures, body stocking, hair, and eyes).  This is over a $200 value.

Second Place: Rhonda Waters

As our second place winner, Rhonda will receive 3 bars of ProSculpt and one set of head, hands, feet, and body armatures. This is over a $100 value.

See the full photo gallery for Rhonda here.

Third Place: Claudia Bertoli

As our third place winner, Claudia will receive one bar of ProSculpt, and one head armature and a pair of hand armatures.  This is a $40 value.

See the full photo gallery for Claudia here.

 See all of our entries below.  Click on the artist's name to see their full Santa Gallery:

Barbara Skocz

Beverly Cole

Cora Staley

Deb Graham

Gonzalba Cuevas

Kim McCool

Kristeen Mathews

Patricia Roberts

Sherrie Neilson

Susan Kauffman