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Spring Fairy 2017

 Spring Fairy Contest.  The deadline is April 30, 2017.  See our current contest here.

To enter the contest, you need to purchase a Spring Fairy Kit.  The fairy you create must have wings, be made of ProSculpt, and include a flower theme--however you want to interpret that.  These fairy videos are a guide only.  Create any style of fairy you want.  When your doll is complete, and by April 30, 2017, send at least 3 (up to 6) photos to  

There are prizes in each category, Beginner and Advanced. First place will receive a year's supply of clay (12 bars), Second place will received 6 bars ($107 value!) and Third place winners will receive 3 bars of clay ($53 value). To enter, just purchase your Spring Fairy Kit which will give you everything you need to sculpt a cute little fairy. 


Contestents for this contest each receive their own Gallery page here at  The Contestant names are below.  Click on their names to see their fairy gallery for this Spring Fairy Contest.


Beverly Cole

Andrea Daniel


 Gonzalba Cuevas


Kanthi Surya

 Linda Steele

 Marlette Malohn


 Sharon Moreau

 Sue Castle



 Patricia Martin

 Liz Brennan   

Joanne Merrick 



 Kristin Dotson

 Kristeen Mathews

 Morris Thompson


 Susan Kauffman

 Debbie Walter

 Vivian Smith



 Joyce Marsh

 Patricia Disney-Fagan

 Francesca Johnson


 Cora Staley

 Lydia Gatlin

 Marilyn Boldt


 Linda Humphrey

Sandra Lizura


Mary Arvelo