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Mermaid Contest 2017

ProSculpt Mermaid Contest.  The deadline was June 28st, 2017.  

Our contest is now over, but you can still get a mermaid kit and sculpt your own.  Purchase your Mermaid Kit here.  It will give you all the basics to sculpt your little mermaid doll.

We have selected winners in each category, Beginner and Advanced. First place receives a year's supply of clay (12 bars), Second place receives 6 bars ($107 value!) and Third place winners receive 3 bars of clay ($53 value).


 A big thank you for all of our participants!  These are such excellent dolls, it was hard to decide!  But after consulting with several artists, here are the results!  

In the advanced category, First place goes to Sherri Neilson.  Second place goes to Marlette Malohn.  Third place goes to Greta Guizzardi.

In the beginner category, First place goes to Francesca Johnson.  Second Place goes to Kristeen Mathews.  And third place goes to Diana Schmidt.

Congrats to all of you, and to everyone who participated!

Sherri Neilson

Advanced Category


 Advanced Category

 Marlette Malohn

Advanced Category

Greta Guizzardi


Linda Steele


Surya Kanthi


 Liz Brennan



Beginner Category 


Francesca Johnson


Beginner Category

Kristeen Mathews


Beginner Category

Diana Schmidt

Debbie Walters

Susan Fortner

Vivian Smith


 Susan Kauffman

Joyce Marsh




Kristin Dotson


 Karen Robertson

Patricia Disney-Fagan

Jan Adamson