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ProSculpt Contests

(Note: Witch Contest winners will be announced this weekend!)
Santa Contest!
To join the fun, purchase your Santa kit here
This will enter you into the contest. Sculpt away to your heart's content and complete your doll by December 15, 2016. Please take up to 6 photographs showing us your doll and send your photos to 
There will be 3 winners. 
First place will receive 6 bars of ProSculpt and a complete doll kit (head, hand, feet, body armatures, body stocking, hair and eyes).
 Second place will receive 3 bars of ProSculpt and one set of head, hands, feet, and body armatures.
 Third place will receive one bar of ProSculpt and a head and pair of hand armatures. 
There are only two stipulations to enter the contest. You must purchase this kit, and the doll you enter must be some type of Santa or Father Christmas type doll. Other than that--have at it, and let your creative juices flow!

The new Santa kit includes everything needed to make a Santa artdoll:

-Making Santa DVD

-Santa Costume DVD

-ProSculpt Flesh

-Head, hand, feet, and body armatures

-Body stocking

-Tibetan Lamb Santa Hair

-Glass eyes





Sugar Plum Fairy Contest   

Thank you for your participation!  This was very difficult to decide, but after consulting with Jack Johnston, we have decided on our winners.  There are prizes in each category. First place will receive a year's supply of clay (12 bars), Second place will received 6 bars ($107 value!) and Third place winners will receive 3 bars of clay ($53 value).  Congratulations to all of you.  Your photos will remain at to give you some well-deserved publicity!  Thanks for your participation!


First Place - Kristeen Matthews

Second Place - Gonzalba Cuevas

Third Place - Cora Staley


First Place: Sherrie Neilson

Second Place: Esther Manso

Third Place: Beverly Cole


See all photos here already at


Barbara Cintolesi  (Beginner)

Vivian Dicks

Carrie Talbert (Adv)

Esther Manso (Adv)

Gonzalba Cuevas (Beg)

Jaime Ferland (beg/adv)

Kristeen Matthews (beg)

Kristen Whaley (beg)

Monique Corbeil (beg)

Sherrie Neilson  (adv)

Trish Roberts (beg)

Beverly Cole (adv)

Kelly Martinez (adv)

Brandy Fisher 

Betty Eagles

Cora Staley



Barbara Cintolesi 

Facebook: Barbara Cintolesi
Page Facebook: Antrodibiancomanto

Vivian Dicks: Snowflake Fairy  Contact info: 

Carrie Talbert

Esther Manso 

my website:

Gonzalba Cuevas

Jaime Ferland  

Lilly; Sugar Plum Fairy
Jaime Ferland (Ooaken Raven)
Ooaken Raven Fairies & Fae

Kristeen Matthews

Kristen Whaley

Monique Corbeil

Sherrie Neilson

Trish Roberts

Beverly Cole   Contact:

Kelly Martinez: Kenzi, The Sugar Plum Fairy

To contact Kelly, go to:

Brandy Fisher:


Betty Eagles  Contact:

Cora Staley


Contest Rules: Announcing the ProSculpt Making Fairies Contest

All entrants will have a photo of their doll featured on a special contest page at, including your contact information. This is a great way for your work to receive exposure. You may include a photo of yourself as well, if you like.

The entries will be divided into two categories, Beginner and Advanced. Beginner is for those new to sculpting with up to one year of experience, and the advanced category is for those who have been sculpting for more than a year.

There will be three winners in each category. First place winner will receive a Year’s Supply of ProSculpt (12 bars). The Second Place winner will receive 6 bars, and the Third Place winner will receive 3 bars.

To enter the contest, you must purchase a contest kit from We have two available, one that includes instructional sculpting videos in an online/downloadable format ($49.99), and one that adds on the DVD version of the Sugar Plum Fairy videos as well ($59.99). Order the DVD kit if you prefer/need the DVDs. Both include the items needed to construct a little fairy (or several) and give her some darling wings. The only requirement is that you use the materials from the kit to construct your doll, but you are free to add additional elements as well. This is a fairy contest, so your finished doll must include wings. But whether angel or fairy style, it is up to you. The doll can also be a sculpture or posable body. Just use the kit and come up with a fairy doll. You will have until October 21st to finish your doll and submit your photos to We will begin listing photos online as soon as they arrive, so the quicker you get your doll sculpted, the more exposure it will receive at Jack and Apryl will be judging the artwork and announcing the winner on October 25th. Clay will be shipped on this same day and will serve you well through the gift-giving season.